Media & Press Updates

From new hardware and software releases to exciting news related to fundraising, we want our followers to stay in the loop when it comes to Powder Watts. Read our updates below to find out what we’ve been up to recently, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from our supporters.

Image by Alain Wong

New Startup Changing The Game

After two- and one-half winters on the roofs of Park City, Utah, Powder Watts is preparing to offer its technology to the public.  We learned a lot over those winters -- while harnessed in our climbing gear, up on the roof, digging snow inspection pits!  We saved 85-92% on our test roofs all while guaranteeing roof protection from ice dams and leaks. If you are interested in piloting our products as we come to market, please contact us.

Powder Watts and Grid Interactivity

Powder Watts allows utility operators to shed loads on command, leading to flattening of demand during peak hours in winter.  Powder Watts can help reduce the pollution and cost burden of activating additional power plants, often powered by fossil fuels, during peak demand periods.  We enable interactivity to smartly time the large load of resistive heat cables, saving money, energy and pollution.  Good for the utilities, consumers, and globe.  Powder Watts, serving humanity, with vision.

Offsite Takeaways: Doing it the Powder Watts Way

Mountain towns rejoice!  Powder Watts has long believed in supporting local communities and true to its word, Powder Watts is helping ski and mountain towns across North America meet their efficiency, carbon and budgetary goals for the future.  One local environmental manager said "Heat cables are the bane of my existence! Thank you for what you are doing!"