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Literally, not warming the planet.

Roof top snow and ice melt cables are essential for structure protection.  They consume over 100 Terawatts of electricity each year in North America. Using patented technology, we have revolutionized the heat cable control industry.  Our solutions have a one season ROI and save 80-90% of the energy required to operate any heat cable - all while visually guaranteeing that your roof is protected.


Our Business

Heat cables cost a lot to run – both in money and environmental impact.  Heat cables draw so much power they typically double to quadruple the electric usage of the structure they protect! 
We offer a new technology to reduce that cost by 80-90 percent, all while constantly monitoring your roof to be sure it is free from leak-causing ice dams.
Our system has a typical ROI of one winter and our cloud monitoring of your structure will save you money month after month.
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Saving energy, money and greening our good earth.

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